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  Hacker For Rent
Catégorie: Marchandise / Services Informatique, Installation
Région: Montréal 


I'm renting my service as a hacker, this is what I can do for you:

-Windows XP, Vista or 7 password recovering/cracking

-Recovering WEP password

-Random passwords recovering directly from computer

-Recovering data if your operating system don't boot anymore

-Making backups

-Installing new operating system

-Making multi-boots (as much operating systems as you want on the same hard drive)

-Crypting your hard drive

-Setting up your home internet connection to avoid being hacked

-Installing spy program

-Virus detecting and deleting


Please send me a detailed e-mail about your request, price will be set before any work is done so no bad surprise.

Thank you.

Service disponible en francais.


Hacker For Rent

Contact: Courriel
Ville: Montreal

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