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  Sales-Looking to add new product line?  1$ 
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Région: Montréal 

Small, growing Montreal company looking for sales person to promote our line of packaging.

You are looking for another line to add to your current products that you offer.

Our environmentally conscience food service products are the line of products that are in constant growth.

We offer the following type of products:

Compostable dishware: coffee cups, cold cups, utensils, variety of take out containers

Our wax papers use wax made from soy, instead of the conventional petroleum based waxes.

Our sanitary paper products (napkins, hand towels, paper towels, etc...) are all 100% recycled, and bleached with non-chlorine whiteners.

Sales would be in the greater Montreal region.

Please contact us to see how we can make this work!

Commission based salary, with possible expense allowance and bonuses.

Prix: 1$
Contact: Par courriel
Ville: Greater Montreal area

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